Service Options

Financial Review Engagement - A Financial Review consists of a two-hour review of up to three financial planning topics selected in advance by the client. No follow-up services are provided with the Financial Review. Halcyon Professional Advisors typically spends one to two hours preparing for this appointment and two hours meeting with the client.  Once Halcyon Professional Advisors' recommendations are made the engagement is concluded.

Limited Scope Engagement - In a limited scope engagement, Halcyon Professional Advisors' services are narrower in scope and usually focus on a particular financial planning area such as: goal setting, asset/liability analysis, tax planning, cash flow management, investment review, retirement planning, risk management, estate planning or record keeping. Depending upon the type and scope of the engagement, the service may include various client consultations as well as written and/or oral recommendations resulting from such consultations. Because this engagement is limited in nature and not intended to provide comprehensive financial planning services, follow-up advice and/or implementation assistance is not provided following the completion of the project. Tax return preparation is not included in a limited scope engagement, but may be purchased directly for an additional fee from one of the firm's principals in their capacity as a CPA with their separate accounting firms as a separate service.

Retainer Engagement - A retainer engagement provides holistic, comprehensive financial planning and investment oversight services for an annual fixed fee. Clients will have regularly scheduled meetings during the term of the engagement that are based on the client's individual situation and needs. In addition to scheduled meetings, additional face-to-face, e-mail and / or phone consultations will be provided.

Services in a retainer engagement may include, but are not limited to: 

  • tax planning;
  • insurance review;
  • inventory of assets;
  • analysis of financial goals;
  • portfolio analysis;
  • development of an asset allocation strategy;
  • no-load mutual fund recommendations;
  • retirement planning, tax preparation;
  • estate planning reviews;

The goals and objectives of each client are discussed and documented. The recommendations provided are uniquely tailored to each individual client based upon their current situation. Detailed investment advice and specific recommendations are provided as a part of this process.

As to the investment of client's assets, Halcyon Professional Advisors will make no-load mutual fund recommendations in keeping with the client's investment objective and risk tolerance. Halcyon Professional Advisors does not perform continuous and ongoing investment management services to clients' assets. The client is responsible for implementing Halcyon Professional Advisors' investment recommendations and following Halcyon Professional Advisors' rebalancing recommendations for the account(s). Upon request only, Halcyon Professional Advisors will assist the Client in conducting the recommended transactions in an account using non-discretionary authority. After the transactions occur, Halcyon Professional Advisors' does not provide continuous oversight but will review the account on an annual basis, at least. The client always maintains asset control.